Types of Users

Automotive • Beauty Industry • Bio-medical Repair Services • Bookstores • Colleges • Computer Stores • Construction • Distribution Services • E-commerce • Electric and Gas Companies • Fulfillment • Houses • Government Offices • Grocery Stores • Hospitals and Healthcare • Label Manufacturing • Laboratories • Libraries Marketing and Promotions • Media/Graphics Industry • Military and Commissary • Optical Industry • Pharmacies • Postal Services • Printers • Publishing Houses • Recycling • Scrapbooking • Industry Sign Shops • Sporting Goods • Transportation • Vineyards • Wholesale Operations

Types of Uses

For over 50 years, these industries have found unique uses for Scotty Peelers---It’s not just a label remover. Additionally, many individuals have found a multitude of uses for them. These little tools are great to keep in the house and in the garage.  See below for more details as to how some industries use our fabulous Scotty Peelers.

Distributors: At this time we are not taking on any new resellers, however, for distributors we are able to offer volume discounts. If you plan to purchase in very large quantities, please contact our sales office directly. The metal SP-2 peeler is also a great tool to custom size your boxes.

Marketing or Promotional Companies: Our Scotty Peelers make excellent promotional items. We are able to personalize our all-plastic peeler (the SPN-1) with a company's name or logo. Please contact our sales office to place an order. Minimum orders of 200 apply.

Hospitals or Healthcare Organizations: Many hospitals and healthcare facilities, including medical equipment leasing centers, use our metal peeler (the SP-2) to remove labels from equipment and medical supplies.

Label or Labeling Equipment Manufacturers: Both types of label peelers might be of interest. The SP-1 plastic peeler is best for soft surfaces such as paper or cardboard. The SP-2 metal peeler works well on hard surfaces such as glass or metal. Our personalized plastic peeler is an excellent promotional item for your company.

Retail Stores: The Scotty Peeler was originally designed for the retail market. It enables retailers to easily remove labels from packaging, merchandise rack systems and rail tags. We sell to a wide variety of retailers for this purpose.

Publishing Companies: Our plastic Scotty Peeler (the SPN-1) is the perfect tool for removing labels from soft or delicate surfaces, such as book jackets, safely without tearing.

Automotive Field: Both the plastic SPN-1 and razor sharp metal SP-2 have numerous uses in the automotive repair and retail fields. They are great for removing stickers from hard or soft surfaces, and is an excellent gasket remover. Because of its unique design, the metal SP-2 can lift off stubborn gaskets without damaging the metal surface, saving time and money.

Individual Users: Both of these great little tools have a wide variety of uses around the home and office. Many people use them for their craft projects or for automotive projects at home. Scotty Peelers are great for scraping old paint, removing bumper stickers, and as a precision cutting tool. Scrapbook enthusiasts love using them as well. Scotty Peelers should be a part of every home and office tool kit.